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"Exploring the Culinary Underbelly with Chef Jordan Miller"

Welcome to Chef Jordan's blog, your new online resource for all things culinary. Recipes, tips and techniques, lessons, guides, restaurant insight and advice, product recommendations and basically anything that interests me in the moment can be found here. With an open heart, open mind and willingness to be corrected and improved upon, I'm here to help young chefs, aspiring cooks, home cooks, moms, dads, gardeners and whoever might take a moment to read this to reach their potential.

Chef Jordan Miller's History and Bio


I grew up on the Jersey Shore (yes that one) and spent the majority of my youth playing sports, fishing, surfing and enjoying the outdoor paradise that is Southern New Jersey. Sounds weird doesn't it? The inclination when discussing anything Jersey Shore is greased up haircuts, tanning beds, muscles, fighting in beach bars and casinos but the reality of the place couldn't be further from the truth. Beaches? Check. Thousands upon thousands of acres of untouched land in national preserves? Check. Hunting and fishing? Check. Premier fisheries and access to highest quality seafood products? Check. Thousands of acres of premier farm land producing some of the country's best produce? Check. I grew up wanting to leave the dirty Jersey at all costs and chose to travel and learn and cook all over the United States and abroad. I've put in time behind the stove in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, North Carolina, Quito Ecuador and most recently Park City Utah. Many years have passed and several versions of myself have died with them and I find myself very fortunate that I was able to travel while learning and mastering my craft. My full circle moment is happening now though and I've never been happier to be back in the original place I called home. New Jersey. The Dirty Jersey. The Jersey Shore and I want to take the opportunity to share with you some of the lessons Ive learned along the way so that you can be the best version of yourself and a confident, creative cook.

New Jersey Shore
The Garden State

Professional Chefs

Resources. Guides. Excel and .pdf templates. Product recommendations. Food costing tools. Recipes with up to date recipe costs. Labor projectors and costing models. You name it! If you have questions or need resources, this is your spot. Chef Jordan Miller is here to help you! Reach out and ask me anything and I will give access to 100% of my resources and do my best in getting you an answer quickly!

Home Cooks, Moms and Dads, Food Nerds

Recipes. Resources. Tips and tricks. Kitchen hacks. Busy weekday parenting meals. Nutrition based recipes. Real time information provided by a real time Dad and Professional Chef. This will be your new resource for delicious recipes and resources to build a happier healthier lifestyle and family.

Gardeners, Plant Nerds, Foragers


Recipes. Resources. Pictures. Trials and experimentation with gardening. Join me on my discovery of the plant kingdom and together we can try to become better gardeners, foragers and stewards of our land.


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